US-025 US-026 ultrasonic ranging sensor module replaces hc-sr04 industrial grade

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High performance and low cost ultrasonic ranging module; The module adopts suzhou shun jing zhi lian’s high cost performance ultrasonic ranging chip CS100; Ranging up to more than 6 meters, ranging accuracy; Good measurement consistency, ranging stability and reliability.

The us-025 / us-026 ultrasonic ranging module can achieve the non-contact ranging function of 2cm~6m. The working voltage is 3v-5.5v and the working current is 5.3ma. It supports the GPIO communication mode and works stably and reliably.

The us-025 and us-026 have the same performance, size and principle.

The difference between:

Us-025 USES double panel, us-026 USES single panel;

The 4Pin row of us-025 is welded on the front side (probe side), us-026 is a single panel, there is no welding pad on the front side (probe side), and the welding pad is welded on the back side (chip side).


Main technical parameters

Electrical parameters


US – 025, the US – 026

Ultrasonic ranging module

Working voltage

DC 3 V to 5.5 V

Working current

5.3 mA

Working temperature

40 ° — 85 °

Output way


Angle of induction

Less than 15 degrees

Detection range

2 cm – 600 cm

Detection accuracy

0.1 cm + 1%

Size of this module: 45mm*20mm*1.2mm. There are four mechanical holes with a radius of 1mm on the board.

ppendix: us-025 / us-026 high-precision ranging routines
Unsigned int EchoPin = 2;

Unsigned int TrigPin = 3;

Unsigned long Time_Echo_us = 0;

/ / Len_mm_X100 = length * 100

Unsigned long Len_mm_X100 = 0;

Unsigned long Len_Integer = 0; //

Unsigned int Len_Fraction = 0;

Void setup ()


Serial. The begin (9600);

PinMode (EchoPin, INPUT);

PinMode (TrigPin, the OUTPUT);


Void loop ()


DigitalWrite (TrigPin, HIGH);

DelayMicroseconds (50);

DigitalWrite (TrigPin, LOW);

Time_Echo_us = pulseIn (EchoPin, HIGH);

If ((Time_Echo_us 1))


Len_mm_X100 = (Time_Echo_us * 34) / 2;

Len_Integer = Len_mm_X100/100;

Len_Fraction = Len_mm_X100%100;

Serial. Print (” the Present Length is: “);

Serial. Print (Len_Integer, DEC);

Serial. Print (“. “);

If (Len_Fraction < 10)

Serial. Print (” 0 “);

Serial. Print (Len_Fraction, DEC);

Serial. Println (” mm “);


Delay (1000);



Brand Name



Vibration Sensor


Switching Transducer


Temperature Sensor


Ultrasonic Sensor

Model Number

US-025 US-026





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