universal programmer seat ICD2 kit2 KIT3 FOR PICKIT 2 PICKIT3

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Support multiple PIC single chip microcomputer minimum system board/development board/burning a ICD2 kit2 KIT3

Resources on board:

1, LED, can pick up any I/O;

2, crystals is easy in the interface, can be connected to any foot, meet all the IC.

3, a button can be done (reset).

4, all the I/O extension;

5, auxiliary power extension mouth;

6, SIP6 online download/online debugging interface;

7, DC power supply interface.

8, single 18 b20 temperature detecting interface;

9, infrared receiving interface;

Lead 10, the COM (based on PIC16F877A);

11, the I2C interface (based on PIC16F877A).

He is the smallest system: these resources to satisfy the needs of the minimum program debugging. Can be done through the plugin module, in the form of a variety of system debugging, reduce the time of the “on board”.

He is universal burning: all DIP into the encapsulation of PIC single chip computer, don’t have to worry, for burning block does not support plate without to build their own download.

On the learning board of doing the product development, debugging system is no longer the reality, each system has its specific function. However, do not do the hardware debugging, do the PCB directly, one thousand circuit has a problem, in the long run, delayed development time. It is best to apply the module on the board under test, have what problem can also be found in time.

For the early learners, learning board hardware circuit all ready for you, learn a software. But in practical application, the hardware will appear all sorts of problems. Only yourself to do, go to debug after just understand why. Strongly recommend beginners make hardware circuit, write their own code to learn microcontroller.

With DC interface, all the I/O external extension, reset road, 5 v power supply. Equipped with crystal 12 m in shock. Can be matched with site KIT2KIT3ICD2.

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    good product fast service to recommand

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