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PICkit 4 on-line programming and debugging development tools are inexpensive and can completely replace the current popular PICkit 3 programmer. The programming speed of PICkit 4 is increased four times, and the working voltage range (1.2-5V) is improved. It also provides more debugging interface options. In addition to supporting PIC MCU and DSPIC digital signal controller (DSC) of Microchip, the tool also supports debugging and programming of CEC1702 series hardware encryption devices. Using PICkit 4 to develop embedded system, researchers can debug and program by using the graphical user interface of MPLAB X integrated development environment (IDE). PICkit 4 uses high-speed USB 2.0 interface to connect to the development engineer’s computer, and through 8 pins of single-line straight plug which can support high-grade interface, such high-grade interface includes 4-line JTAG and serial line debugging interface with streaming data gateway. In addition, it can also be backward compatible with demo boards, plugs and policy systems using 2-wire JTAG and In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP online serial programming) Data list EEP, Emulation Header Guide ~; MPLAB < PICkit} 4 Sell Sheet; PEP, Debug Header Specification; Quick Guide to Development Tools; SQTP File Format Specification ~; Standard Packaging 1 Part status on sale Categories: Development Board, Suite, Programmer Product Family Programmers, Simulators and Debuggers Series PICkit 4 Specifications Type: Online Debugger/Programmer Supporting Use Products/Related Products PIC Micro MCU Content Programmer

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