CD4017 NE555 Self DIY LED Light Kits


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Suite parameters:

Kit Model: LUCKY-10

Supply voltage :3-5V

Dimensions: 58 * 58mm

Board FR-4 military grade A material

1. Many soldering pads do not come off easily

2 becomes less likely to occur from the bending (refer to the non-human case resulting bending), poor sheet with time and changes in the environment arising from bending.

3. Impedance more stable and reliable

Plate tolerance and stability of some of the parameters A material was very powerful interests in relative to some other sheet metal price of money.

The function play: Wheel of Fortune is to predict the rotation of the disc to stop, and in the end will stop in which the position of the tool. Also can be used to estimate numbers game, electronic dice, lottery machine. Electronic Wheel of Fortune is in electronic way to reach the same functionality, this package of 10 LEDs configured in a circle, click the button, each LED sequence turns luminous, the flow speed is getting slower and slower and finally stopped at a only LED is no longer moving. The last shiny forecast that LED with players, said that “winning”.

Circuit: The circuit is composed mainly by the pulse generator and a decimal counter circuit.

Pulse generator by NE555 and peripheral components constitute a multivibrator, press the button S1 when Q1 conduction NE555 pin 3 output pulse, the CD4017 10 output of turns output high drive 10 LEDs turns luminous. The key is released, due to the presence of the capacitor C1, Q1 does not immediately turned off, with the C1 voltage decreased, Q1 of conduction program gradually weakened, 3 feet of the output pulse frequency slows, LED movement frequencies also will slower. Finally, when after the end of the C1 discharge. Q1 off NE555 3 feet longer output pulse LED stops moving. “Lottery” process completed. R2 determine the the LED movement speed, C1 decided to wait for a “lottery”.

Package include:
1*Lucky Rotary Suite Electronic Suite CD4017 NE555 Self DIY LED Light Kits Production Parts And Components


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DIY Supplies


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CD4017 NE555

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