4WD Smart Robot Car Chassis Kits with Speed Encoder New


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Double-layer structure: to facilitate the expansion

51 microcontroller system with the shop, L293D Four DC motor drive module, four tracking module in conjunction with the car chassis.
(Able to achieve such tracing obstacle avoidance function)
The bevel see packed car chassis (rechargeable batteries are being put in mezzanine):
Four-way infrared probe installed in the car at the bottom, the distance very convenient adjustment. Can experiment different width black lines
While adjusting the probe can experiment close obstacle avoidance capabilities

Leave the infrared the modulation photoelectric sensor mounting holes, can easily realize the obstacle avoidance function

If you feel that the chassis low Packing:

If you do not think the words of the two-tier structure: also choose a single-layer structure (contact the owner)

Car size
Trolley width of the distance to the outside of the two wheels 155MM
The trolley length for 260MM
With tachometer code disk: can be used to go away if the measured speed feedback effects.
Shipping list:
2 car chassis
Motor wheels 4
Velocimetry code disc 4
Fasteners 8
An assembly drawing
A number of screws and nuts
Brand Name





4WD Smart Robot Car

Supply Voltage

4WD Smart Robot Car


4WD Smart Robot Car



Dissipation Power

4WD Smart Robot Car

Model Number

4WD Smart Robot Car


4WD Smart Robot Car

Operating Temperature

4WD Smart Robot Car


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