EHDIS Tachometer 10-99999 RPM Meter Digital Laser Photoelectric Non-Contact Tachometers

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AD-36 is a non-contact photoelectric tachometer that can also measure room temperature. It adopts photoelectric pulse sampling processing, low-power consumption MCU design, the rotational speed data in a single measurement including maximum, minimum, difference and average values will be automatically saved; instrument can store 10 groups of measurement data. This product is featured by stable performance, safe and reliable measurement.

Application Fields:

Electric motor, electric fan, paper-making, plastics, chemical fiber, washing machine, automobile, aircraft, ship, wind power, hydropower and other manufacturing industries.

Specifications and Parameters

Counting range: 10-99999RPM

Temperature range: -10℃ to 50℃

Resolution: 0.1/1RPM

Accuracy: ±0.4%+2

Sensor type: Photocell

Measurement distance: 50-500mm

Working temperature and humidity: 0 ~ 50 ℃(45 ~ 80% RH)

Storage temperature and humidity: -20 ~ 60 ℃ (≤ 80% RH)

Power voltage: 9V/6F22

Battery Life:>10H


Size: 164mm * 113mm * 49mm (6.46 * 4.45 * 1.93in)


◆ One button to turn continuous measurement on or off

◆ Maximum value(MAX)

◆ Minimum value(MIN)

◆ Difference value(DIF)

◆ Average value(AVG)

◆ Automatically store 10 groups of data

◆ Room temperature measurement

◆ Automatic shutdown function (automatic

shutdown without operation for 8s)

◆ Green LED backlight

◆ Button operation sound (need to be customized)

◆ Alarm sound (need to be customized)

◆ Red LED alarm prompt

Alarm value can be set freely

Rotational Speed Measurement

1) Stick the reflective paper on the object to be measured.

2) Fix the tachometer in a stable position or state, so that the laser emission and receiving window of the tachometer are 50 to 500 mm away from the object to be measured.

3) Press the power/measurement button to start the counting measurement, you can also press the laser button to enter the continuous measurement. Align the laser to the reflective paper on the measured object, the optimal measurement angle should be able to keep the measured value stable.

4) Start the device to be measured, and the tachometer will display the rotation speed of the measured object.

Safety Instructions before Use

1. When conducting measurements, please follow the instructions for use.

2. Do not let the laser from this instrument contact human eye.

3. When the battery in the screen is displayed as empty, the battery should be timely replaced, and the battery should be removed for long-time idling.

4. Do not store or use the instrument in high temperature, high humidity, flammable, explosive and strong electromagnetic field environment.

5. Avoid touching rotating parts when measuring high-speed rotating equipment to avoid accidents

6. For maintenance, please use soft cloth and neutral detergent to clean the instrument case; do not use abrasive and solution to prevent corrosion of the case and damage of instrument.

Analysis of Common Problems in Use

1) During the rotational speed measurement, after the laser is irradiated onto the reflective paper, the displayed rotational speed is 0RPM:

a) Check if the size of the reflective paper sticker on the measured object is too small.

b) The distance from the measured object exceeds the signal detection range of the instrument

c) The measurement angle is too wide for the instrument

d) The color of rotating parts is similar to that of reflective paper, causing the failure of photoelectric reflection signal acquisition.

2) The measured rotational speed value is unstable:

a) The object measured is not fixed and is not stable enough

b) Laser spot offset at the edge of the reflective paper

c) The ambient light is too bright

d) Reflective paper sticker is too small

e) Low battery

Package :

1pc Digital tachometer (not include battery )

1pc English Instruction Manual

1pc Protective box

4pcs Reflective tapes

Manufacturer Part Number


Material Type


Special Features

Tachometer FOR CAR /AUTO

Item Weight


Interchange Part Number

CR-310 Gauge

Placement on Vehicle

handle meter

Number Of Cylinders


For Vehicle Brands/Model


Audi Model




Item Height


Country/Region of Manufacture


Item Width


Item Length


digital Tachometer

Speed Measuring Instruments


LCD display speed meter


air ,temperature ,wind meter

Item Type

wind speed Sensors

Counting range


Temperature range

-10 to 50 degree

Measurement distance




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