DIY learning board kit suit the parts 51/AVR microcontroller development board learning board STC89C52


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This board to 51 interface designed for platform double reset circuit, the monolithic support are:
1, on STC series such as STC89, STC11, STC12, STC90 DIP encapsulation (40 feet). Need to download a program via a serial port (COM).
2, the AT89S series such as AT89S51 and AT89S52 devices such as DIP encapsulation (40 feet). Need to write programs in ISP downloader to burn.
3, AVR microcontroller 40 pdip package there are two interfaces, one can use directly, such as ATMEGA8515, ATMEGA162 another such as ATMEGA16/32 need through the adapter plate is used. Other not DIP package also can be used through the adapter plate. Need to write programs in ISP downloader to burn.

PCB bare board test after the test, to insure the normal physical connection of the PCB.
51 / AVR microcontroller experiment board L2A empty board + bulk, suit, with a standard double panel material PCB design, welding plate welding designed for like DIY friends easily.

To print a principle diagram of the A4 paper and the original list
Note 1: the price includes pictured above all devices (empty plate and plate all the welding components, including pluggable device: two crystals (12 M and 11.0592 M), IC chip MAX232 and SCM STC89C52RC each one), not including temperature and infrared IC.

The following is a function of each part’s brief introduction:
A, 6 keys on the keyboard: as the man-machine dialogue input devices, below the keyboard design, more convenient for us to use buttons. Two of the button can be also used interrupt the experiment.
Second, the four digital tube, digital tube, a total of anode adopts a transistor constant current drive. To study the static and dynamic sweep trace of digital tube display.
Three, eight LED lights: do entertaining diversions, lamp and other light experiment, water also is a kind of equipment as a status display.
Four, the electrical appliances: relay output normally open normally closed contacts and isolation circuit board, can achieve higher voltage control devices, such as 220 v electric light, but it is in high voltage, users can do is not recommended for safety is more than the safety voltage 50 v.
Five, the red outside receive IC interface: can use H1838 receive head of infrared receiving experiment, such as extensible infrared remote control keyboard.
Six, the temperature sensor DS18B20 interface: learning “1-wire bus, 1 – Wire communication, can be used as a thermometer, the temperature alarm device.
Seven, buzzer: can do accompaniment music experiment, voice alarm, etc.
Eight, a serial port handling MAX232: this as synchronous asynchronous serial communication level conversion, can do synchronous asynchronous serial communication experiment, on STC microcontroller through the serial port burning process.
Nine, ISP interface: the interface is the AT/download program interface AVR single chip machine, can match the corresponding USB – ISP downloader.
Ten, LCD interface 16 feet: 16 feet compatible LCD interface, can be upright character 1602, lattice pattern 12232, etc.
Eleven, LCD interface 20 feet: 20 feet compatible LCD interface, can be straight lattice pattern 12864 etc.
12, P extension: the board MCU P mouth has extended pin derivation, convenient extension. On the left is P1, RST and P3 leads to a total of 17 needle. The right P0, PEA, ALE, PSEN, P2, a total of 19 needle derivation, the interface design is based on 51 principle, when used on STC or AVR microcontroller, PEA, ALE, compared to other IO mouth PSEN.
13, power supply part: adopt two ways, one is the USB port power supply, one is the external power supply terminals, choose one is ok. Has a single circuit protection, but does not work.
Three groups after the switch of the power extension interface, can be extended to other device for electricity.



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