DC-AC Converter 12V to 110V 200V 220V 280V 150W Inverter Boost Board Transformer


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1pcs*DC-AC Converter 12V to 110V 200V 220V 280V AC 150W Inverter Boost Board Transformer Power


1) PCB size: 66*61mm
2) Input Voltage: DC12V
3) Output Voltage: 110V/200V/220V/280V (Marked on the PCB. Can be set with jumper onboard)
4) Output Wave Form: high frequency square wave or DC(un-filtered)
5) Output Power: rated 150W, Max 200W (When higher than 100W, please use cooling fan)
6) Current with 12V interface (No-load): 250mA
7) Working Frequency: 37kHz
8) Onboard Chip: ST SG3525A or KA3525, depending on different production batches.
9) FET: RU6099R or DX3205R, depending on different production batches.
1) We recommend connect to “DC Output”, because normal electric units are using normal rectifier. If connected to the “High Frequency AC Output”, rectifier will heat up fast and damaged, diode will be destroyed.
2) This board has high frequency square wave AC output and DC output, so it can not drive inductive electric devices (such as motor, fan, resistor capacitor volt step-down units, small LED lights, etc)
3) When connected to small loads (phone chargers, DVD, etc), we recommend conect to lower voltage output, like 200V.
4) When working at high load (higher than 100W) or for long time, please use larger heatsink and fan for cooling.
5) Please do not mistake polarity. Need sufficiently big current for power supply and power cable.
6) No overload, No shorted at the output.
7) When output is high frequency and there is no load, the testing result with a multi-meter will be higher than actual..



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PCB size: 66*61mm

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