Electric Soldering Iron Kit


Professional Soldering Tool is great for lead-free soldering semiconductors.
High quality long lasting ceramic type heater.
Temperature range:200-450℃
Small volume,powerful function.
long service life, small leakage.
High-temperature resistant,high insulation,soft-touch power cable.
Adopt high grade and special materials, with high -temperature resistant and strong anti static.
Temperature correction function. when the actual temperature of teater tip is error with the set temperature. the soldering iron will cpmpensate the temperature of heater tip only need to adjust minor adjust temperature function.
Voltage: 220V (ALSO support 110V)
Power: 60W
Length of cable: 1.4m/55.12inch
Length of handle: 22cm

LCD Digital Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron Kit – Meet All Your Soldering Project Needs.
Working Voltage: 110V / 220v
Power: 90 watt
Soldering Iron Length: 7.4 inch
Cable Length: 59 inch
Temperature Range: 180-480℃- (392-842℉)
Tips Model: 900M Series
Solder Wire: 60% Sn, 38% Pb, 2.0% Flux
Solder Wire Diameter: 0.039 inch
Solder Wire Weight: 0.38 oz
How to solder
1. Prepare the solder wire and electronic soldering iron.
2. Contact the soldering iron with soldering point.
3. Place the solder wire onto soldering point when the weldment is heated to the temperature that is able to melt solder.
4. When a certain amount of solder is melted, remove the solder wire.
5. Remove the electronic soldering iron at an angle of about 45° when the soldering point has been totally wet by solder.
– Ensure the power cord is in good condition and the welding head is not loose before soldering.
– For prolonging service life, please switch to the 200°C model when not using it temporarily and don’t let the soldering iron stay at high temperature all the time.
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Output Power


Temperature Stability

Adjustable Temperature

Input Voltagle

110v / 220v



Output Temperature



Ceramics heater Soldering Iron Core

Soldering Iron Tips


Product Name

Digital LCD Adjustable Soldering Iron


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