5pcs Reed Switch 3 pin Magnetic Switch 2.5*14mm Normally Open Normally Closed Conversion 2.5X14MM


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  • Contact method A
  • Maximum power 6W
  • Maximum switching voltage 60VDC/VAC
  • High pressure resistant 60VDC/VAC
  • Maximum switching current 0.25A
  • Maximum load current 0.5A
  • Maximum contact resistance 115M
  • Action time 0.25ms
  • Bouncing time 0.05ms
  • Response frequency 3000Hz
  • Sensitivity value 10~20AT
  • Minimum reset sensitivity 5FT
  • Maximum contact capacitance 2.0PF
  • Electrical life (load) 5×106 (50mV, 10mA)
  • Test coil turns / resistance 5000/600 ohms
Features and Applications:
  • The dry reed pipe is compact and lightweight, and can be installed in extremely limited space, making it ideal for miniaturized equipment.
  • The dry reed switch components are hermetically sealed in an inert gas atmosphere, never in contact with the outside environment, and have a long working life.
  • The dry reed pipe does not use sliding elements, so there is no metal fatigue associated with all metal degradation, ensuring virtually unlimited mechanical life.
  • The reed switch is very good in mobile phones, program-controlled switches, copiers, washing machines, refrigerators, cameras, disinfection cupboards, door magnets, window magnets, electromagnetic relays, electronic scales, liquid level gauges, gas meters, water meters, etc. application.
Precautions for use:
  • Extreme care must be taken when cutting or bending the lead legs of the reed switch to avoid undue stress and damage to the glass-to-metal seal. Proper clamping tools must be used.
  • Temperature and excessive exposure time can cause damage to the glass-to-metal seal (cracking, leakage, etc.), so fast and reliable welding techniques (processes) must be used. The recommended welding conditions are: 280-300 °C for hand welding and 250 to 300 °C for wave soldering.

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Reed Switch 3 pin



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Reed Switch 3 pin


Reed Switch 3 pin

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