4 IN 1 Soldering Iron Station and Rework Station kits




1:using the new microcomputer processor PID programmaable temperature control technology and implantation of the most high-end precision PID program.

2:the gun heater adopts a ceramic heater.

3:in the hot air gun automatic function unique safety protection function, the power to open all the circumstances, the handle sest intelligence design.

4:the machine parts with self testing function, all the smart temperature/short circuuit/open circuit/overload and so on fault display and protection function.

5:air gun automatic/manual funciton.

6:temperature corrction funciton.

7:celsius/fahrenheit temperature display function.

8:iron sleep funciton.

9:air gun with protective function.

10:iron part adopts import heater,quick temperature rise, temperatue stability, long service life.

Note:When the blue light CC or AC,then the power light will be change red,it is short circuit

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