315MHz 433MHz Superheterodyne RF Transmitter Module Wireless Remote Control Receiver Module


Product parameters:
Working frequency: 315Mhz 433Mhz
Receive broadband: 2.8Mhz
Sensitivity: -105dBm
Working current: 1.9mA
Modulation method: ASK amplitude modulation, superheterodyne
Working voltage: 4.5-5.5V typical 5V
Transmitting connection circuit:
The encoded signal sent by the encoding chip PT2262 consists of: address code, data code, and synchronization code – a complete code word. After the decoder chip PT2272 receives the signal, the address code is compared and verified by the two times, and the VT pin outputs a high level. At the same time, the corresponding data pin also outputs a high level. If the transmitting end keeps pressing the button, the encoding chip will also continuously emit. When the transmitter does not press the button, the PT2262 does not connect to the power supply, and the H34A (transmitting module) does not work. When a button is pressed, the PT2262 is powered, and the 19th pin outputs the modulated serial data signal. When the 20 pin is high, the H34A (transmitting module) transmits a constant amplitude high frequency signal when the 20 feet are low. H34A (transmitting module) does not work during level.
Receiving circuit:
Using the 5V 315MHZ receiving module H5V3M, it will directly transmit the collected signal to the 16 pin of PT2272. 2272 will judge according to the input signal. When the correct group data is collected, it will be 12, 13, 14, A high level is output in pin 15 and the corresponding LED will be illuminated.

Voltage Regulator



Supply Voltage


Dissipation Power

Operating Temperature

-40~85 degree

Model Number

H3V3E-315Mhz H3V4F-433Mhz





Brand Name

EC Buying



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