2019 NEW!Keyestudio New Sensor Starter Kit V2.0 37 in 1 Box With (Mega 2560 Board)


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1. Kit Introduction

This is an Arduino 37 in 1 sensor learning kit developed by Keyestudio. You will have a set of Arduino’s most common and useful electronic sensors and modules.

Inside this box, there are digital and analog sensors, and also some special modules such as ultrasonic, Joystick, relay, acceleration modules, etc.

For each module, there is clear connection diagram and sample code. So even if you are totally new at this, you can get started easily.
The sample codes for this sensor kit are based on ARDUINO because it’s open source and easy. And if you are good at this, you can also apply this kit to other MCU development platform, such as 51, STM32, Raspberries Pi. The working principle is pretty much the same.

You may learn about Arduino from basic projects to more complex projects. Now, let us embrace this fascinating world of ARDUINO and learn together!

2.Kit listing

Keyestudio Mega 2560 Board *1

White LED module *1

RGB LED module *1
Traffic light module *1
Button switch module *1
Passive buzzer module *1
Capacitive touch module *1
Crash sensor *1
Knock sensor *1
Photo interrupter module *1
Ball Tilt switch sensor * 1
PIR motion sensor *1
Reed switch module *1
Hall magnetic sensor *1
Line tracking sensor *1
Flame Sensor *1
Obstacle avoidance sensor *1
Photo-resistor sensor *1
Microphone sound sensor * 1
Rotary encoder sensor * 1
MQ2 gas sensor *1
Steam sensor *1
TEMT 6000 sensor *1
LM35 temperature sensor *1
DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor *1
Magical light cup module *2
IR receiver module *1
IR transmitter module *1
Ceramic vibration sensor *1
GUVA-S12SD 3528 Ultraviolet Sensor *1
MMA8452Q Module Acceleration Tilt Sensor * 1
TMD27713 sensor *1
ALS Infrared LED Optical Proximity Detection Module *1
APDS-9930 Attitude Sensor Module *1
Potentiometer sensor *1
DS3231 Clock module *1
Joystick module *1
Single relay module *1
HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor *1
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37 in 1 Box With (Mega 2560 Board)



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