0-30V 2MA-3A adjustable DC power supply laboratory power short-circuit current limit protection DIY kit


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Electronic enthusiasts are doing a variety of circuit experiments, the need for a good performance of the power supply to provide DC voltage regulator. Although the switching power supply with high efficiency, small size advantages, but inevitably residual high-frequency interference, and linear power supply because of its very low interference and good isolation, is still the first choice for enthusiasts and even professional manufacturers.

In this case,This circuit is a high-quality, continuously adjustable regulated power supply with a voltage regulation range of 0-30V. It also includes a current output limiting circuit to effectively control the maximum output current from 2mA to 3A continuously adjustable. Let the power supply circuit test an indispensable tool, it can limit the current in the experimental circuit of the typical maximum operating current, boldly turn on the power, do not worry about failure or installation errors caused by high current damage to the experimental circuit.

Technical Specifications:

Input voltage: 24Vac (max)

Input current: 3A (max)

Output voltage: 0-30V continuously adjustable

Output limiting current: 2mA-3A continuously adjustable

Output voltage ripple: 0.01% (max)

PCB size: 84 * 84 mm

Kit weight: 0.086KG / set

Circuit characteristics:

In this case,All in-line components, installation, maintenance simple and convenient;

The output voltage is easy to adjust;

The output current limit state is indicated by an LED;


When the output current exceeds the limit current automatically switches to constant current mode, the overload or failure to provide complete protection.










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